Why trust DB LOG

DB LOG is a company specialized in logistics services in Turin, in particular the transport, storage and warehousing of goods.

A company with many years of experience in the sector, DB LOG has major European and overseas brands among its customers.

Companies that turn to DB LOG are guaranteed to rely on a reliable and efficient partner that ensures high quality standards in logistics services.

The advantage for customers who rely on DB LOG is that they can outsource all or part of their logistics operations of their own goods or goods purchased or sold, instead of carrying out these operations directly with their own staff.

The advantages of requesting outsourced logistics services are not simply just to entrust a third-party company with the management of the warehouse and the preparation of orders but, more generally, they translate into greater operational flexibility, better customer service and a significant reduction in costs.

Park with 12 vehicles

3000 MQ Warehouse

Tight security with cameras and security guard

Reception and management services

In-house Customer Service

Large logistics depot

Assembly and preparation service

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